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From a Book to a Community for Children in an online platform powered by RAAD that has been created to connect children around the world to help them build new friendships while making the best out of their imagination & creativity starting by the book of "Lu and the Special Pen", which is the story of a curious little boy that discovers a pen, but it’s not just any pen, it’s a special pen! He quickly realises that everything he draws with it becomes real, so he uses this gift to help others, until he gets an unexpected request... So if your child has a special pen what would she/he draw?

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The Video Movie of

Lu and The Special Pen

our Mission

To provide a safe, fun and interactive online platform for children to help them make new friends around the world while exploiting their creativity & imagination to share beautiful & innovative ideas.

our Vision

To become a leading think tank for Children and a learning hub providing all the necessary information, tools and programs for children to make the best out of themselves while making proper use of technology.

our Values

We believe that investing in our childen's multi-cultural diversity guarantees a future generation that is based on respect, empathy, openness and harmony; While using technology in a balanced & safe way, under parental control.

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In order to guarantee a 100% safe environment for Children, the platform is on invitation-only after having a child approved by her/his corresponding school and parents. If you have any questions or inquiries please send us a message by filling the form or via e-mail at
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